More Than a Decade of Healing


There are many of us who do not know the families of the victims personally, but we share in the grief and sadness only by imagining losing our own children to this kind of catastrophe. There are no words that can completely resolve the emotions of ten years ago, I offer sympathy, heartfelt condolences, support and reassuring comfort that healing happens with time, positive optimism and unconditional love.

As the smoke was clearing that unforgettable day, I wrote this poem hoping it would shed a simple less complex understanding and help to heal the freshly opened wounds and give some vision of solace to the families and our community.

With respect,

Bellingham’s Heroes

Ten-year old boys saved the city today
Set out together to the creek side to play
Boys being boys made the spark rumors say
That set a fireball explosion over Bellingham Bay

Two hundred and thirty thousand gallons they say
Gasoline! headed straight for the bay
The city downstream would be sure to fall prey
If not for innocent boys' actions today

Timing is everything - our destiny some say
Two boys unsuspecting sacrificed in God's way
Together in Heaven rewarded they play
Bellingham's heroes - Be remembered this way

Douglas Allan MacLean, June 1999


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