More Than a Decade of Healing

A number of events took place on June 10th to help our community commemorate the tragedy we lived through, the healing that has occurred, and the accomlshments that have been made.

Interpretive Tour Of Whatcom Creek - A number of interpretive stations were set up between Whatcom Falls Park and Racine Street. Download a copy of the interpretive guide, "Whatcom Creek Pipeline Explosion - A Decade of Healing" (pdf, 9.5MB).

Memorial Walk - On June 10th the community walked the path of the fire to hear stories of tragedy and restoration. The walk started at 3:30 pm (when the pipeline burst) at the stone bridge in Whatcom Falls Park and proceeded to Racine Street. For more information click here.

Community Gathering - At 6 pm we gathered at Maritime Heritage Park to listen to local, state, and national speakers, listen to some music, and to share our thoughts of the past and prayers for the future.

Display & Information - During the week leading up to and following June 10th a display of the history and accomplishments of the Whatcom Creek tragedy was available for viewing in the entryway of the Bellingham City Hall.

To view the poster of June 10th events click here

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