More Than a Decade of Healing


The City of Bellingham's BTV10 has started to produce a number of short videos about people's remembrances of the June 10, 1999 tragedy here in Bellingham. More of these are coming, but click on the names below to view the ones that are available at this time. These are in a Windows Media format, so if you are using a MAC computer you may need to download the the free Flip4Mac player which you can find by clicking here.

"Disaster Bellingham: June 10, 1999", a city-produced documentary
Bill Boyd - Fire Chief, City of Bellingham
John Harris - Associate Professor of Journalism, WWU
Ryan Provencher - Fire Captain, City of Bellingham
Joe Bates - Communications Director, Whatcom County
Scott Ayers - Opinion Editor, The Bellingham Herald
Rick Larsen - U.S. Congressman, 2nd District
Carl Weimer - Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust
Mark Asmundson, Director, Northwest Clean Air Agency

Creek Story - Original Documentary Film by Dan Hamill & Sukhi Sanghera

Personal Stories, Songs, Poems & Paintings
James Bertolino - Original Poem
Linda Allen - Original Song & Story
John Watts - Former Bellingham City Council member
Bill Quehrn - Exec. Officer, Building Assoc. of Whatcom County
Candace Buethorn - Story & Original Painting
Pinky Feria - Original Poem - "The Numbers"
Carl Weimer - Story and Photo
Flip Breskin - Story & Original Song
Douglas MacLean - Original Poem
Glenn Archambault, Phoenix, Oregon, Story
Mike Holmstrom, San Jose, California
Thoughts from Whatcom County Folks at the 5 Year Anniversary
Thoughts from Outside of Whatcom County at the 5 Year Anniversary

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• Photos from Jim Williams
• Photos from Lyle Jansma

Whatcom Creek Middle Falls - After Fire

Whatcom Creek Middle Falls - Before Fire

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